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  • WordPress Development

    Wordpress Development

    Premium and Custome Plugin

    Wordpress blogs are powerful online marketing tools that help establish you as an expert in your industry. The capabilities of using WordPress as a website are endless.

    SEO Web Design understands the vast amount of potential that WordPress has on the impact of your company’s internet exposure.

  • Premium Web Design

    Premium Web Design

    We specialiPremiumze in website design

    Simplicity in design where innovative meets design! We design and develop websites with form, function and business objectives in mind!

    CodeNegar aims to improve business by delivering effective solutions based on innovative technologies and professional designs. We love building fresh, unique and usable websites optimized specifically for your niche.

  • Search Engin Optimization

    SEO Web Design

    Search Engin Optimization

    The search engine industry is in a constant state of change and our SEO team continually stays on top of industry trends.

    Search engines want to return the most relevant results possible to their users. According to eMarketer, 94% of shoppers click on the 1st through 10th search results. Optimizing your online presence for search engines will drive traffic to your website.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    One website, multiple devices & platforms

    Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website.

    Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

    it will adapt and optimize itself for different devices such as mobiles, notebooks and desktop monitors.

  • Free Support

    Free Support

    We are here to help you.

    Even the most thoughtfully designed website needs some attention from time to time. Our clients’ needs change and develop, and their websites must change with them. And as we know, technology changes, too.

    At CodeNegar, we are passionate about supporting our clients. They are more than just accounts to us, they are our partners and we strive to be an integral part of their success.

About CodeNegar

CodeNegar is a full-service web design company that focuses on quality, innovation, & speed.
So Who Are We?

We utilized technology to bring results to grow our clients businesses.
We design and develop websites that runs on WordPress, Drupal and our custom CMS. You get professionally customized CMS that suits your requirements. We use fast and solid Frameworks such as CodeIgniter and CakePHP to build custom websites. Using framework helps your projects to complete faster with more organized structure.

What other people say about us

Some of quotes of our clients.
  • Masoud Haghani
    Masoud Haghani

    Knowing that CodeNegar has a creative team, I’m sure they will build even more works and we will see they shine.

    Hamid Charmforooshan
    Hamid Charmforooshan

    Having a website from CodeNegar, made 30% increase in sales for my business and now I can sell my products and gives services 24/7.

Our Skills

What we do the best.
Web Services

New Features

CodeNegar covers all your web development needs
  • Search Engine Friendly
    Search Engine Friendly

    SEO companies can give you better visibility, help you to build your reputation online, and strengthen your ranking with search engines that consumers trust, like Google and Bing.

    W3C Valid Code
    W3C Valid Code

    Every line of HTML / CSS written by us is always validated as by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

    Free Support
    Free Support

    We provide free technical support. You might try searching for your answer. Chances are, someone else has already had the same problem! You can post your question and our agents will respond you ASAP.

    Cross Browser Compatibility
    Cross Browser Compatibility

    A perfect mark up is one whic renders perfectly irrespective of the device or browser. All the mark ups developed by us are compatible with all browsers.

    Highly Customisable
    Highly Customisable

    Easy for novice users and even more powerful for advanced developers, With tons of configurations.

    Responsive Design
    Responsive Design

    From mobile browsers to notebooks and tablets, users are visiting your sites from an increasing array of devices and browsers. Are your designs ready?

  • Standard CSS3
    Standard CSS3

    Many exciting new functions and features are being thought up for CSS3. We will try and showcase some of them on our projects.

    Valid HTML5
    Valid HTML5

    Much of the excitement we’ve seen so far about HTML5 has been for the new APIs: local storage, application cache, Web workers, 2-D drawing and the like.

    PHP Powerful CMS
    PHP Powerful CMS

    We design and develop websites that runs on WordPress, Drupal and our custom CMS. You get professionally Customized CMS that suits your requirements.

Recent Works

Below are just a few examples of projects we have worked on previously
LangLearn Directory
Stock Market Monitor Tool
GoodNews News Agency
Heydari Official Website
GiftCard Shop

Our Team

Our staff of talented individuals brings life to Mass Media Group each day.
Farhad Ahmadi, Web Developer
Web Developer

CodeNegar was co-founded by Farhad Ahmadi who builds applications in PHP and AJAX that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. He is instrumental in technical management of all projects and recruiting top talent to our office.

Behrooz Erfanian, Web Designer
Web Designer

Behrooz Erfanian is entrepreneur and designer who has been making things on the web for the last 4 years. He has a passion for the medium that has fueled his desire to learn and to share. Farhad will be putting his vast experience into front-end development at CodeNegar Group.

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